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January 2018
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Living in Portland: Indigo Traders in Multnomah Village

Indigo Traders, a family business owned by Karla Bean and Samir Naser, is one of my very favorite shops in Portland. The selection of soaps, textiles, and ceramics makes for a wonderful sensory experience, and on First Friday, their open house includes a veritable feast of Middle Eastern cuisine. They recently opened an outpost across […]

Al Gore wins 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

I can’t help but post when Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize. That makes the month for me. Now, if he would just win the presidency again.

Horror films as a metaphor for gentrification

All of you lit/film criticism junkies out there might enjoy this piece at PopPolitics. I love intelligent people who can write clearly and accessibly, with a huge dose of brilliance thrown in for added value.

What am I going to eat?

Shortly after learning about the food stamp challenge, I passed the word along to my co-worker, Chris. Like me, he was a little hesitant–it feels a lot like going back to college, for some strange reason. Regardless, he’s signing on too, so we’ll be accountable if one of us shows up to work with a […]

Must-see documentary–Walmart : The High Cost of Low Price

There’s been some buzz about this film lately in the various news blogs I read; it will be opening in select theaters throughout the US on November 13 and will also be screened by many community organizations, churches, universities, etc. The makers of the movie, Brave New Films (witty, isn’t it?) provide the following description […]

Toward better critical theories

Yesterday, many students at Willamette participated in a day of silence in support of Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transsexual etc. rights and equality. Last year, I hadn’t found out about it in time to participate, but I was struck by how much it impacted me, this having intelligent and articulate classmates not contributing to our class discussions. This year, […]