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January 2018
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Job Announcement: Asset Building Manager at NPF

This is not turning into a nonprofit employment blog, but since I did recently write about the Neighborhood Partnership Fund and the awesome work they are doing with IDAs in Oregon, I thought I’d pass this along. The Neighborhood Partnership Fund, an OR nonprofit, is seeking a full time Asset Building Manager to focus on […]

United Farm Workers Protest at Whole Foods in the Pearl District

United Farm Workers will be protesting at Whole Foods in the Pearl District this Saturday; while I can’t go myself due to a prior commitment, I hope this event is strongly supported by our community because I think that the people that grow our food should be treated justly. Spotted on the Portland Grassroots Media […]

Home ownership opportunity for low-income people? Nope.

The Housing Authority of Portland will be selling a number of single-family residences and smaller multi-family residences and moving the subsidized households elsewhere in order to stay within budget, reports the Oregonian [story]. One wonders–why is there no consideration of a meaningful home-buying program to let the current tenants work on owning their home? Selling […]

People commute in SW Portland, too

The Oregonian has a story this morning about Commissioner Sam Adams’ plan to extend streetcar services to the eastside. As a Portland resident, I feel kind of upset. Here’s why. I live in the southwest, near Hillsdale and Multnomah Village. I work near Washington Square in Tigard. The 4.5 mile drive takes me about 10 […]