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January 2018
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Mission: Accomplished

After receiving an email from a friend who wondered if I’d survived the food stamp challenge, I realized that a final update might be in order. The media continue to report on Oregon’s governor’s participation in the challenge, which I’m glad to see. I’ll believe we’ve talked about it enough the day that every family […]

Lunch: It makes the day go better

I’m fortunate to have access to a microwave, refrigerator, and sink at my work. This means that it’s pretty convenient to bring a variety of food, store it, and heat it when I am hungry. Last night, after a mere 10-hour day at work, I was home early enough to make a pot of black […]

What’s it like? I’ll tell you…pretty inconvenient

Due to my work, which at this time of the year has me working on grant renewals until late at night, I haven’t cooked any black beans. I’m now in the fourth day of the challenge, and the diet is getting decidedly dodgy. Last time I talked about the food I had on hand, I […]

Yo no quiero canned food…

…or “lateria,”* as one Latina farm worker described the kind of food she finds when she needs to access community food banks after her monthly allotment of food stamps runs out. “What do I do with canned beets?” Although it’s a statement that might potentially raise the hackles of any number of people who believe […]

Sunday free food: the experiment begins

Sunday was a good start to my $21 week–I got free food! My friends Misty and Lindsey, who know about the food challenge and are fellow social services gurus, watched as I made three trips to the snack table at Quaker meeting during social hour and filled up on cheese and crackers. I spent the […]