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April 2007
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The food I’m starting out with

I gathered my receipts from my most recent trip to the grocery store and made a chart of the food purchased on those trips that I plan to consume this week. Their costs are subtracted from the $20 remaining in my budget, after I took $1 off the top for random condiments like salt, pepper, garlic, and the other necessities of life. Here’s what I wind up with–my baseline foods, and a balance of $8.26 for the other items I need.

Food description Qty Price Remaining
Dry black beans 1.62 lbs $ 1.09 $ 18.91
Flour tortillas 12 $ 0.98 $ 17.93
6-cheese blend 8 oz $ 1.68 $ 16.25
Yukon Gold Potatoes 1.1 lbs $ 0.98 $ 15.27
Serrano pepper 2 $ 0.11 $ 15.16
Yellow pepper 1 $ 0.12 $ 15.04
Braeburn Apples 1.11 lbs $ 1.10 $ 13.94
Yellow onion .75 lbs $ 0.74 $ 13.20
Tomatoes .75 lbs $ 0.97 $ 12.23
Romaine lettuce I bag $ 1.78 $ 10.45
Nancy’s plain yogurt 1 quart $ 2.19 $ 8.26

It’s fairly obvious to me that there’s not going to be a lot of variety, but I really wanted to have some fresh foods and some active bacteria in the mix. Three things I still want to buy include brown rice, oatmeal, and a few eggs. The rice and oatmeal will be from the bulk foods section, of course, and unless I can buy 6 eggs for about .89, I’ll skip them. Some bread would also be nice, and I’ll have to see if I can afford to “buy” the bread I purchased last week for consumption during the food stamp challenge.

The other thing? Coffee! There’s no wiggle room for my Stumptown whole beans that I take to work for use in my French press.


Comment from Blair
Time: April 23, 2007, 6:38 pm

Good for you to try this and to blog about the experience. I hope you’ll keep blogging on poverty issues after the food stamp week is over. There aren’t many of us out there.