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March 2005
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Archive for March, 2005

On life, death, and ethical standpoints

The Pope is doing somewhat worse today. Terri Schiavo‘s body stopped functioning this morning. These are different people tied together by the same debate regarding the definition of life. This is at the heart of the argument that has been raging for decades now, and while it at times becomes irritating to see the same […]

Immigration and justice

On April 1, American vigilantes will begin patrolling US/Mexico border areas in an effort to stem the increasing wave of immigrants from Latin America, according to Newsweek. Despite massive funding and personnel increases for border patrol, the article reports, illegal immigration has risen sharply over the past few years. Disputes between the US and Mexico […]

Economics of culture; musing

Through recent readings on ethnomedical paradigms of treatment, the ethics of biomedical appropriation of traditional remedies, and the more general issue of cultural mimicry, my thinking on the exchange of knowledge has woken up momentarily. The issues are complicated. How do you reimburse an indigenous people for their cultural knowledge? Is it even possible? If […]

A post-Good Friday consideration

It would be something of an intellectual schizophrenia for me to attend church every um–once and a while–and say that it was purely for the entertainment and not because there’s something in it that I need and believe. Now, exactly what that is, I’m not quite sure. What I do know is that last night […]

Oscar Romero: Twenty five years after his death

BBC NEWS Programmes File on 4 Requiem for RomeroTwenty-five years ago today, Archbishop Oscar Romero was shot dead while saying Mass in a small chapel at a cancer hospice in San Salvador, El Salvador. … Oscar Arnulfo Romero’s assassination focused the attention of the world on the scale of repression in the small Central American […]